Tips for having a tanned, beautiful and protected skin this summer

Ah, the summer … How it is awaited by everyone! Time to show your shoulders,
sport a sun mark, wear comfortable and fluid clothes.Beach, pool or park: no
matter where you are going, along with all this solzão, we have a range of news
in the cosmetics area for you to make the most of it.For those who are not a fan
of spending hours lying down trying to guarantee that “summer color”, there are
better and better self-tanners, without smell and without spots. For those who
want to be in fashion, hats are a stylish and chic bet.And for all people,
sunscreen! This cannot be missing at any time of the year, and now we have
optimal bases with high protection factors.But enough talk because I know that
what you really want is to go out there and enjoy!
Best self tanner 2019
So let’s go to the tips,
because I selected my favorite products. Protecting yourself from the sun is the
ultimate tip of this matter. Always use sunscreen, with or without sun! Your skin
thanks you. And we thank you even more when in addition to being protected,
we still got that little color. My tips are:Australian Gold tanners guarantee a
beautiful color and have a protective factor;On top, you can reinforce with a
Banana Boat . This has a low factor so always pass the protector first.Australian
Gold’s after sun also ensures that the color lasts longer and your skin is well
hydrated;Use and abuse hats. They are beautiful and protect the face, one of the
most sensitive areas. This one of mine in the photo I found at Le Lis Blanc