Have you never discovered how famous people make beautiful bronze all year long?

This sun that shines even in winter has a name: self-tanning . When
applied, these products react with a protein present in the superficial
layer of the skin. The result is a brownish pigment, very similar to the
shade of tan – and without the harmful effect of sunlight!
The application is easy, but requires some care that, if left out, may
end up becoming gaffes in the summer. Next, Sophie Evans , from
the St. Tropez self-tanning brand, teaches you how to apply at
home and the care you should take. Bonus: the expert still gives the
trick to leave the guitar body, rear butt and thinner arms with the play
of light and shadow!. Before application, bathe and exfoliate your
body .
Best self tanner for pale skin
You have to have clean and homogeneous skin for the color to
be more beautiful. Apply a moisturizer in the driest regions: hands,
elbows, feet and knees.
Usually, there are different shades of suntan lotion, to make the body
contour, you will need 2 tones , one lighter and one darker.
Start the application with the lightest tone by the feet and rising
towards the face. The trick to not getting all stained is not to skimp on
product and cover every inch of the applied area.